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Realism and portrait

    Realistic Tattoo in Madrid

    Are you looking for specialists in realistic tattoos in Madrid? At Circe Tattoo we have tattoo artists with great artistic and technical skills who will create a realistic design that you will proudly wear on your skin.

    Todo lo que debes saber sobre los tatuajes realistas

    Realistic tattooing is a style that allows capturing real life moments on the skin. Realistic tattoos are very complex, that is why they must be done by artists specialized in this style.core/

    A realistic tattoo captures the essence of the people or animals represented in the tattoo. It is the art of portraying an expression naturally, as if it were a photograph that captures an instant of life.

    If you decide to get a tattoo of, for example, a photograph of a special person, you clearly want it to capture all the beauty of the moment. Conveying that essence is what defines a specialist portrait tattoo artist.

    This style demands great detail and the real art is in representing the essence of what is being tattooed… and sometimes less is more. For example, placing too many expression lines can ruin what a photograph really conveys.

    In Circe Tattoo you can find specialized tattoo artists with great experience in realistic tattooing in Madrid.

    Realistic tattoos and portraits require many hours of work, even several sessions; but at Circe we guarantee that when you go home you will have the emotion of having a unique piece of great artistic beauty on your skin.

    What characterizes a realistic tattoo?

    The technique of realistic tattoos requires the perfect use of light and shadow, mastery of proportions and the impeccable use of black and its grayscale.

    In case the realistic tattoo is in color, the technique is even more complicated, since the specialist artist has to capture the appropriate color tones of what it represents. This is made difficult because the canvas is a person’s skin, the pigmentation of which affects the final shade of the inks used.

    The most common themes in realistic tattoos are usually people, animals and nature, although in some cases objects are tattooed with a realistic finish.

    Portrait artists must be very careful when capturing the expression of celebrities, family members or loved ones of clients, as it is not easy to capture the essence of a person.

    Precisely because of this complexity, it is necessary to choose a specialist and experienced tattoo artist to create a work of art on your skin.

    Realistic animal tattoos demand great detail and perfect use of light and shadow, to make the fur look natural. Animal expressions, being living beings, can be complicated to achieve. When representing them, the correct use of proportions is important. With attention to these details, the artist achieves a piece of great beauty, which is why it is a recurring theme.

    In realistic tattooing, nature is a frequently recurring theme. Beautiful and vibrant landscapes or mysterious places. When these tattoos are done in color you must have a perfect technique to achieve the right tones that give life to the landscape. But if you want to give a touch of mystery to the landscape, black and grayscale are used, with special attention to light and shadow, as well as textures.

    What should I know before getting a realistic tattoo in Madrid?

    Realistic tattooing is complex and must be performed by tattoo artists specialized in this style, with a perfect mastery of techniques, color treatment, use of black and grayscale, application of light and shadows, perfect attention to detail, and great artistic sense.

    Realistic tattoos require many hours of work and probably several sessions, but they are worth every second, as the results obtained are works of art.

    Another aspect to take into account is that you should choose a photograph that conveys the expression you really want to have on your skin, especially if it is of a loved one.

    At Circe Tattoo we have artists specialized in realistic tattoos in Madrid, so you can wear your tattoo with pride.

    What kinds of realistic tattoos can I get?

    Realistic tattoos can be done with black and grayscale or color technique. They also tend to present different themes such as portraits or landscapes.

    Realistic tattoos look perfect as half sleeves or full sleeves, but the important thing is to place them in a space that allows a detailed design.

    Portrait Tattoos in Madrid

    Realistic portraits require great attention to detail in proportions and expressions. They must be made with a perfect light and shadow technique.

    It is popular to portray the expression of family members, memorize important people in our lives, capture faces of celebrities or beautiful people.

    Portraying animal faces and expressions is also very common. It requires a lot of attention to the brightness of the eyes and the light and shade in the coat.

    Realistic Color Tattoos in Madrid

    Realistic color tattoos are very difficult. The artist must use light and shadow techniques to perfection and have impeccable skill in the use of the color black. But the most complex thing is to accurately capture real-life colors on the tattooed person’s skin.

    The artist has to capture the intensity of the tones of the plants or the color of a person’s hair, taking into account that the ink used is affected by the pigmentation of the person being tattooed.

    The mixing of inks and the use of black color is indispensable to achieve the right tones in realistic color tattoos.

    At Circe Tattoo we have at your disposal artists specialized in realistic color tattoos in Madrid.

    Realistic black and white tattooing in Madrid

    The realistic tattoo applying only black color and its grayscale is perhaps the most common, the reason is that they have an elegant appearance.

    The most common themes in this type of realistic tattoo are portraits and natural landscapes. It is even used to achieve mystery in some tattoos.

    The portraits in black and grayscale capture beautiful expressions, due to the presence of brightness, achieved by the appropriate use of light and shadow.

    Where to get my realistic tattoo in Madrid?

    Due to their complexity, realistic tattoos have to be done by tattoo artists with perfect technique and great artistic sense.

    In order to obtain the best results, it is essential to select artists specialized in this style. At Circe Tattoo you have at your disposal tattoo artists specialized in realistic tattoos in Madrid.

    In this section you can take a look at the portfolio of our artists and choose the specialist tattoo artist that best suits your style.