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cover up sin láser

Cover Up without Laser

Save time, money and pain

In many tattoo studios, the costly and painful laser removal process is often recommended before getting a new tattoo. At Circe Tattoo, we challenge that norm. We perform tattoo cover-ups without laser, yielding exceptional results with no trace of the previous tattoo.

  • Save money: You’ll only pay for the cover-up tattoo, without costly additional laser sessions.
  • Save time: With Circe Tattoo’s cover-ups, you eliminate the need for multiple laser sessions and long waiting periods.
  • Avoid painful laser sessions.
  • Exceptional results: Our specialized artists have the skill to transform any previous design into a completely renewed masterpiece, removing any trace of the previous tattoo.
Flower Cover Up on the back
Howling wolf cover up tattoo on right arm
Black rose flower cover up tattoo on the right arm

Covering scars

In our tattoo studio, we also cover scars from surgeries, stretch marks, burns, and skin blemishes. Our tattoos transform these areas as if there had never been any injury.

snake Old School tattoo covering scar
Tatuaje tapado de cicatriz con flores estilo realismo Covered scar tattoo with realism style flowers
Photo cover up of scar belt.
Tattoo rose on forearm in cover-up style.

Cover-ups without the need for laser

Making the decision to remove a previous tattoo can be a difficult and costly process. In most tattoo studios, it is preferred that clients undergo several laser sessions before getting a cover-up. Why? Not so much out of necessity, but because it makes the tattoo artist’s job easier when covering up the previous design. But is it really necessary to undergo that painful and costly process?

At Circe Tattoo, we oppose this practice. We firmly believe in the skill and creativity of our artists to achieve exceptional results without the need for prior laser sessions. Our talented tattoo artists can create designs that seamlessly blend without leaving a trace of the previous design.

What does this mean for you? It means that you won’t have to face the issues and additional costs of laser sessions. Our goal at Circe Tattoo is to make the process as simple as possible for you while delivering the best results.

Imagine being able to say goodbye to that unwanted tattoo without experiencing the pain and discomfort of laser treatment. That dream is our goal at Circe Tattoo. Contact our artists to create a new design that reflects your style and personality without a trace of your previous tattoo.

Personalized attention in all our tattoos