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In this section, you’ll find different galleries of work categorized by style, year, and artist.

If you’re looking for tattoo studios in Madrid, don’t hesitate to visit Circe Tattoo. Here, you can view and compare the different tattoo styles we offer, get to know our artists and their specialties, see the evolution of our tattoos over time, and choose which artwork will adorn your skin next.

You can schedule your appointment to start sharing your ideas, define the style you want, prepare the design, and receive information about caring for the area of skin you’re getting tattooed.

If you want more information or to schedule your appointment, you can do so here:

Choose the tattoo that best represents you

At CIRCE TATTOO, we will help you find the ideal tattoo to express your individuality. Our artists are diverse and master a wide range of styles.

  • Realism and Portrait: We convey emotions and details in a striking manner, capturing the essence of faces, figures, and landscapes with a precision that seems to come to life on your skin.
  • Color Realism: We combine detailed techniques and vibrant tones to bring your visions to life with a burst of color.
  • Watercolor: We combine the fluidity and expression of watercolor to create unique tattoos that appear splashed onto your skin.
  • Cover Up and Restoration: We renew previous designs or cover unwanted tattoos skillfully, giving life and beauty to these tattoos.
  • Trash Polka is a bold and expressive style that combines a variety of elements in dynamic and provocative compositions, resulting in memorable and avant-garde designs.
  • Neotraditional: It combines modernity and tradition, highlighting classic designs with vibrant colors and bold lines that update the traditional aesthetic.
  • Comic and Manga: With precise lines and vibrant colors, we bring your favorite characters and scenes to life.
  • Lettering: Expressing your messages with style and originality, we transform words and phrases into stunning typographic works.
  • Old School: With classic designs, solid colors, and bold lines that evoke nostalgia and tradition, we revive the vintage aesthetic.
  • Maori and Islander: We capture the cultural depth and significant symbols of these fascinating ancestral cultures, honoring the rich Polynesian tradition.
  • Minimalism and Fine Line: From complex designs to elegant and simple lines, we offer a wide variety of tattoos ranging from simple to sophisticated.
  • Blackwork is a tattoo style that uses black ink in complex designs and employs thick lines and shading to create compositions on the skin that are impactful.

Tattoo Trends

Certainly, the tattoo culture has undergone significant changes in various aspects from 2015 to the present day.

The expansion of social acceptance of tattoos has been one of the most notable transformations. Social and workplace prejudices towards body art have decreased. Many companies have relaxed their policies related to tattoos, allowing people to display their tattoos in places that were once considered conservative.

There has been an explosion of diversity in terms of styles and techniques. There has been an explosion of diversity in terms of styles and techniques. The variety of tattoo styles has expanded, ranging from realism to minimalism, neo-traditional, geometric, watercolor, and other innovative styles. Artists now combine elements from various styles to produce more unique works.

The tattoo world has been influenced by cultural and popular changes. There is increasing demand for designs inspired by pop culture, such as references to movies, TV shows, music, and contemporary art. Additionally, there has been a rise in preference for simple and discreet tattoos, as well as customized tattoos that reflect personal feelings and experiences.

Lastly, the tattoo community has experienced a significant shift towards inclusion and diversity. Artists and clients are advocating for greater representation of diverse races, genders, body sizes, and cultures in tattoo art, promoting the idea that body art is for everyone and should celebrate diversity in all its facets.